Tube Amp Repair on Long Island Buying Recommendations.

With so many places to shop online, buying a guitar amp is a pretty straightforward affair these days. Many music electronics stores have gone online or closed shop. However, those that remain have maintained diehard loyalists who swear by the walk in buy.

Either shopping method has its advantages and disadvantages. For the beginner, looking for an entry level guitar amplifier some of the things to have in mind would be:


If you are relatively new to the music production scene, you need as much information as you can get on guitar amps on the market according to your music needs and budget.  Online research is quick and can yield a lot of information.  However, it is good to have face to face talk with someone who can explain better what impedance, independent channel controls, XLR outputs and so on mean and how they affect your music.


You have more variety online.  All the major brands can be found online. Whatever your needs in power, control, and price, you will get what you need online.


You are likely to get better offers and discounts online. Big guitar chains have the economies of scale and pass these benefits to you in the form of lower costs.  You can make quick comparisons on offers among tens of online sellers. On the other hand, you can also bargain hand in a walk in a guitar shop.  If you can push a bargain, you can get a price even better than what is on offer online.


Buying from a physical store is the surest way of going home with what you wanted. An online purchase can take 1 to 2 weeks to arrive.

Where to buy online


The giant online retailer is a good starting point in comparing prices of different brands. A search for ‘guitar amplifier ’ returns 35,000 results showing how wide selection you have. Amazon’s recommendation and comparison tools are the best for getting a lot of price information in a very short time.

Best buy

This is another big chain that stocks major brands. While the items in stock may not be as many as on Amazon, the discounts and offers are pretty good.

Guitar Center

This is big guitar chain is the best shopping place for comparing amps with expert reviews on each of them. The site is also rich with other information on products that work best together which is very useful for an entry-level shopper.