Why Get a Circular Staircase

Stair builders on Long Island say that the circular staircase is a house adds versatility and functionality to the design. This type of staircase is increasingly gaining favor with homeowners who are short of floor space. It is also the easiest staircase to install requiring only a central supporting structure. You should go for a circular staircase for these main reasons:


Less Space

The compact design of the circular staircase makes it ideal where space is a premium. Homes are getting smaller and the circular staircase takes up only a small portion of the floor space unlike say a curved staircase.

The circular staircase stacks on itself making meaning it will not go beyond the diameter allocated for the stairs. It can be conveniently located on the corner freeing up the rest of the floor space. This is also in line with people who love the minimalist look.

The small footprint of the circular staircase means it presents less of an obstacle to the flow of air in a room.

Better access

The compact design of the circular staircase means it can be placed pretty much anywhere in a room. This makes it ideal for opening access to space that would have been unutilized like the attic.  It is the best solution where a conventional straight staircase cannot be installed. It is safer and more convenient than a ladder.

The circular staircase can be installed through a hole in the floor presenting little interruption to the floor plan. It can also be the face of a loft or deck for a more traditional look.

Luxurious look

Quality stair builders Long Island say that the circular staircase is easy to customize with different materials and designs for a luxurious look.  You can work on individual steps, spindles, and the stair frame for a unique design. You can also experiment with wood and metal. You can have the staircase as all-metal, all-wooden or a combination of the two. The all-metal design is good for the outdoors, while the all wooden design is good for the indoors where it gives a rustic look.

Better economy

The circular staircase is economical in time and money.  The staircase is low cost as it can be purchased in kit form and assembled on site making it ideal for a DIY job.  These kits can be assembled in 3-4 hours making it the fastest staircase to install.

The small footprint of the circular staircase adds value to a home in that potential home buyers who would like to change the design do not have to do a lot of changes.

Versatile design

Stair builders Long Island services say the biggest advantage of the circular staircase is its versatility.  Wherever you need access, the circular staircase can be molded to provide it. The circular staircase will open up access to more space in the loft for example, and be an attractive prop in the house. It can be placed indoors as well as outdoors for quicker access to unused space around the home.