Long Island can get pretty hot in the summer months, and more homes than ever are investing in central air conditioning on Long Island to make their homes a little more comfortable.

If you’re considering investing in some cool air in time for summer, there is a variety of professional advice out there for central air conditioner installation in Long Island.



With the average lifespan of a central air conditioner being anything up to 20 years, which is quite the commitment. With that in mind, there will be a few things you need to make sure you get right.

The first thing to think about after deciding on getting a central air conditioning system for your home are the necessary pre-installation checks. They include the size of the unit. Whether you want it to be energy efficient or not (we suggest yes). And if a basic model will suffice or whether you wish to have access to some of the fancy extras that are available such as digital displays.

It’s always a great idea to get advice on these things from a qualified HVAC expert who knows what they are talking about. This will prevent you from making any ill-informed, costly decisions.


Once you have determined your pre-installation needs with a qualified expert, you’ve decided exactly the make, model, and size of air conditioner that will be right for your residence. And you have determined a price you are happy with. It’s time to install your brand new air conditioner.

It is important that you schedule an appointment with a central air conditioner installation professional here in Long Island. As incorrectly installed cooling systems are all too common and can leave your carefully chosen, efficient model working decidedly inefficiently.


After your air conditioner has been installed you should be up and running. Ready to take on the summer heat and keep a cool head.

Your system should be able to function effectively for a number of years with only minor maintenance. However, to be confident that it is working as well as possible you can test the cooling efficiency by checking the temperature with a thermometer in both the units’ air ducts and the return air duct. If the temperature difference between the two is under 14 degrees then it might be time to call a HVAC maintenance expert. An expert will also be able to test for refrigerant and seal duct leakage, which can leave us breathing in unhealthy substances if left unchecked.

 Ongoing maintenance and support

The company that installed your air conditioning system should also be able to offer maintenance and support in case your air-con stops working as expected.

There are things you should be doing to ensure you get the most out of your system. For example, checking the filter. This should be changed every 12 weeks anyway, but if it looks especially dirty before that time then switch it out.

But if something is wrong then don’t hesitate to call one of the experts in HVAC maintenance in Long Island to get them to come and fix the problem.