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Hiring a Stair Builder on Long Island for Your Circular Staircase

Why Get a Circular Staircase

Stair builders on Long Island say that the circular staircase is a house adds versatility and functionality to the design. This type of staircase is increasingly gaining favor with homeowners who are short of floor space. It is also the easiest staircase to install requiring only a central supporting structure. You should go for a circular staircase for these main reasons:


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Cleanup after Oil Tank Removal in Putnam County NY

What is the Cleanup Process for an Oil Tank Removal in Putnam County NY?

An underground oil spill is a concern that gets the attention of the authorities. State law requires a homeowner to notify the state of an oil spill when it happens from an underground oil tank in his home. The homeowner is then required to take care of the costs of the cleanup which could be very costly if he is not insured. Soil remediation and groundwater cleanup require specialized tests and equipment which could cost tens of thousands of dollars.


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Roof Leak Repair on Long Island for Slate Roofs

The slate roof has been called the 100-year roof . This reflects the durability of slate. In fact, a slate roof has a lifetime of 150-200 years.  Tiles are second to slate in longevity. The tile roof can last 15-50 years. Due to the longevity of these roofs it is easy to forget that they need regular inspection, repair, and maintenance.

Slate roof leak repair Long island services say slates need an annual inspection to identify cracked, loose, broken and missing slates. A slate roof can get leaky just like any other.  However, the biggest risk lies in having the repairs done inappropriately. Many repairmen are not familiar with slate roofing so you have to be careful with how it is done.


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Which is Easier, Cesspool Pumping vs. Septic Tank Pumping?

Pumping septic tanks and cesspools is a headache that every homeowner with a septic tank or cesspool. The difference in the structure of the two waste disposal systems determines the ease and speed with which the pumping can be done.  Cesspool Pumping Suffolk County, NY crews, say that in many cases pumping a cesspool is easier than pumping a septic tank all factors constant i.e. both are easily accessible.

cesspool pumping suffolk county ny

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